About Solution 24

Mission & Values

Our core mission at Solution 24 is simple... promote relief & healing from physical aches, pains and irritations.  We champion Mother Nature and the natural and organic remedies she provides as an alternative to synthetic pharmaceutical prescriptions. 

Family Remedy To Universal Healer

Mother Wimpy Gene perfected the Solution 24 formula & dedicated her life to using her then unnamed pain solution to aid in the healing of those in physical pain around her. Born in East Texas & with Cherokee Indian roots Wimpy’s mother taught her as her mother once taught her, the process of how to make what is today Solution 24. The recipe, with its Native American roots, has been in existence for hundreds of years. Thanks to Wimpy Gene we are now able to share Solution 24 with any & everyone who needs it.

A Blend of Nature's Healers

Aloe Vera and CBD have long since been two of Mother Natures most potent and reliable healing agents. This fact remains the same. Solution 24 promotes relief on contact as well as prolonged relief well after massaging it in. With a pleasant & short lived natural aroma its perfect for any ache, pain or irritation.